• Purpose: To clarify the point in doing this experiment. What will you learn from this? How will it help others? Why should people care about your project or why is your project important? Explain your purpose clearly in a sentence or paragraph. 

    Hypothesis: Your prediction about the outcome of your experiment. What do you think will happen? WHY do you think this will happen? Explain your hypothesis and WHY you think it will happen in a sentence or paragraph.

    Material list per group is required by end of class on Tuesday Sept. 25. Be specific- I need to know how many, size if needed, and anything else specific that you can tell me.

    Procedure: A step-by-step list of what to do when doing your experiment. Your step-by-step list should be numbered. It should clearly list everything needed to do to recreate your experiment. You should have another person read your procedure before turning it in (a peer, sibling, parent, or another teacher). Any scientist should be able to read your procedure and complete your experiment EXACTLY as you did. Again, always use METRIC measurements.

    Title Page: The title should be no more than 45 characters AND spaces. Count all your characters AND spaces in your title and write the total number in pencil after your title. See example for formatting. The format for the title page MUST be the same as shown in example.