• AR Grading Requirements

    How is AR Graded?


    AR is part of the reading grade for grades 3 – 8.  The expectations for AR depend on grade level.  To meet these expectations, students must read at least 20 minutes a day as part of their homework and use time provided during reading class to read AR books. 


    Each grade level has its own AR point requirement for each quarter, shown in the table below. 


    3rd Grade

    4th-5th Grade

    6th-8th Grade

    A = 20 points +

    A = 25 points +

    A = 45 points +

    B = 15 to 19 points

    B = 18 to 24 points

    B = 30 to 44 points

    C = 10 to 14 points

    C = 10 to 18 points

    C = 15 to 29 points


    All grades require a comprehension score of 85% or higher. 

    If a student’s comprehension score falls below 85% by the end of a quarter, their grade for the quarter will be lowered by one letter grade (e.g. an A will become a B or a B will become a C).


    What is the Ice Cream Social?

    The Ice Cream Social is an incentive for students to stretch their reading skills.  AJLA and the Parents Council jointly sponsor this event twice a year.  To be eligible, a student must accumulate over 2 quarters an AR point total that meets or exceeds the goals in the table below.


    3rd Grade Goal

    4th-5th Grade Goal

    6th-8th Grade Goal

    A = 60 points +

    A = 75 points +

    A = 135 points +


    Should students read books with an AR reading level above or below their grade?

    Yes!  Students should read books which are just right for them.  Please encourage your students to read AR books that they can read independently.  If you have a specific question about your student’s reading level or about AR in general, please send a note to your student’s reading teacher. 


    What does an AR quiz test look like?  How long does it take?

    Students sign up and take AR quiz tests on the computer during their reading time or other scheduled times determined by their teacher.  AR tests can only be taken at school. This allows the teachers to monitor student progress on the tests and offer suggestions. Typically tests take 5-10 minutes to complete.


    Can I tell how my student is doing before the end of the quarter?

    You can view your child’s AR points and comprehension percentage at the  Home Connectwebsite.