• Students will have a yellow folder that they will bring to and from school each day.  In this folder students will have a monthly calendar, reading log, and homework log.  This will help to facilitate communication between school and home as well as homework completion.  Any homework pages will be sent home in this yellow folder.  

    Graded nightly homework will include reading for twenty minutes and using one of the online programs for at least 15 minutes. Both of these assignments will need to be recorded on the log pages in the yellow folder. 

    • Reading for reading logs can be independent reading, read alouds, or shared reading.  I strongly recommend a combination of all three regardless of a child's reading level.  Please try to find at least one night a week to read aloud to your student - it has a tremendous positive impact.  Additionally, taking time to talk about books brings them to life in important ways!
    • The online resources are great because they are set at a level that matches each individual student.  These resources can be accessed through the Google Classroom page - the students will quickly become familiar with this.  You can also find a number of online resources if you click on Learning Websites on this page.


    Workbook pages for reading will also be sent home nightly. There will often be some math practice sent home; however, this will not happen every night due to the need to extend and supplement the math books. These are to aid in discussion and practice of learning skills at home. They do not need to be returned to school.  

    Additionally, there will be project assignments for social studies and for math.  We really want to create a strong connection between what we are learning at school and the 'real world'.  Family involvement and monthly projects are effective tools in building those connections! Please see the tabs for Social Studies and Math projects for details on the monthly assignments. 

    • Social Studies projects will be assigned monthly as our curriculum will focus on a different topic each month. 
    • Math projects will change when the math unit changes.  Most of the units will last for three weeks.