Ms. Sarah Gayman

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Ms. Sarah Gayman

         I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. (I love the sunshine!) I attended the University of Arizona where I received a degree in Elementary Education.  Following graduation, I taught in Arizona for six years.  I then I relocated to Chicago and have been so lucky to find a home here at AJLA.  This is my fourth year working as a second grade teacher at AJLA, and I love it! Ms. Herlitz and I are excited to work with our second grade community and to learn and grow together.

      Last year I finished my Master’s degree in Language, Literacy, and Culture at UIC! During school breaks, I enjoy spending time with my family and dogs, and I also enjoy traveling.  I love to see and learn about new places.  This summer I was fortunate enough to spend a month traveling in Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia.  

     I am passionate about both teaching and learning.  With this passion in mind, I have embarked on a goal to travel over every school break to learn at least a little bit about all of the amazing places there are to see. I hope to share these experiences and enthusiasms with all of the students.  I also hope to learn from the experiences, languages, and cultures represented here at AJLA and specifically in our classroom. As a part of this goal of learning, I am always open to your input and feedback - it is important to me to learn from you and the students!


What Ms. Gayman Has Been Reading

  • Being the Change: Lessons and Strategies to Teach Social Comprehension

    by Sara K. Ahmed Year Published: 2018

    Sara Ahmed is an inspiring educator who taught in CPS for a few years.  I have had the privilege of hearing her present at a couple of conferences.  

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  • The Known World

    by Edward P. Jones Year Published: 2004

    I traveled with this book this summer but was so busy exploring that I have not yet finished it!

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  • An American Marriage

    by Tayari Jones Year Published: 2018 Literature

    I was fortunate enough to have taken I writing class with Tayari when I was younger.  I LOVE all of her books, but this one is my favorite!

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  • Disrupting Thinking: Why HOW We Read Matters

    by Kylene Beers, Robert E Probst Year Published: 2017 Professional Literature

    This book does a great job discussing the processes of reading and how to help students become lovers of books and lifelong readers.  I cannot wait to discuss books with the class and families. 

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  • The Self Control Classroom

    by James Levin, John Shanen-Kaye, Andrea Commaker Year Published: 1999 Professional Literature

    This book is a great reminder for me in the ways I can only control my reactions to classroom situations.  I am looking forward to a positive year of growth for all of us. 

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  • The Curious Classroom

    by Harvey "Smokey" Daniels Year Published: 2017 Professional Literature

    I am excited to implement some of the inquiry strategies and projects that are discussed in the book.  I love sharing room 210 with all the learners in our 2nd grade community. 

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