• AR Overview


    What is Accelerated Reader?

    Accelerated Reader, referred to as AR, is a web based program available in all classrooms from 3rd to 8th grade. The program encourages students to read books at an age appropriate level and verifies a student's reading comprehension on books he or she reads independently. The students, with the help of their teacher, set an individual goal for the number of AR points they should earn each quarter.   Students take a quiz test of about ten questions, depending on the length of the book, to measure how well they understood the book. The accuracy of their answers and the number of points (difficulty level) for the book are converted into an AR reading score, which can be monitored by parents and guardians at home.

    Reading Success is as Easy as 1-2-3 with AR
    1. Student Reads a Book (at home or at school). Students choose books at their appropriate reading levels and read them at their own pace. Visit AR BookFinder to search for available titles.
    2. Student Takes a Quiz during reading time at School. Accelerated Reader Enterprise offers more than 140,000 quizzes to help you motivate and monitor students’ reading performance and vocabulary growth.
    3. You Get Information through Home Connect. You get immediate feedback on the reading and vocabulary progress of each student.

     AJLA gives each student a separate grade for Accelerated Reader on their report card.  The grading requirements are defined by grade level.

    Is there a List of Accelerated Reader Books?

    There are too many books to list!  To see a listing of books which have an AR quiz tests, please visit the AR website Quiz Database and plug in your book title.  AR is constantly adding more quizzes, which are immediately available to AJLA students to take at school through our school subscription.

    When and Where can my Student get AR Books?

    • School Library
    • Classroom Library
    • Local Public Library
    • Your bookshelves at home
    • A favorite bookstore

    How do I know how many points each book is worth?

    AR books checked out of the school library have a blue sticker on the bottom left hand corner showing the points and estimated grade level of the book.  For all other books, consult the AR Bookfinder website.


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